PRAISE-HK smartphone app 手機應用程式

Personalised Real-Time Air Quality Information System for Exposure – Hong Kong (PRAISE-HK)

PRAISE-HK is an innovative mobile app providing real-time, geo-localised air quality information anytime, anywhere on your devices. The app helps users to evaluate air pollution exposure and provides personalised health advice. You can make healthier choices to plan outdoor activities and use a cleaner walking route.

The app is developed by scientists from the Institute of the Environment at Hong Kong University of Sciences and Technology. Clean Air Network is one of the supporters on application development. Phase 1 development is officially launched in June 2019.

3 key features of smartphone APP, PRAISE-HK

On the current stage, the app is using the air data of the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) provided by the Environmental Protection Department. It is an official air monitoring network which comprises 13 fixed general stations and 3 roadside stations.

home screen shows air quality distribution on PRAISE-HK

home screen of PRAISE-HK APP

The home screen shows:

  • The current AQHI condition at your GPS identified location
  • The percentage added short-term health risk (%AR) of daily hospital admissions attribute to the 3-hour moving average concentration of 5 major pollutants
  • Health advice for the reported AQHI
  • 48-hour AQHI forecasts at your location
  • Click “location icon” can check the Street-level air quality map


PRAISE-HK shows the air quality distribution on street level

The Street-level Air Quality Map displays

  • The air quality distribution from the fine-scale to the large-scale area around you based on AQHI data
  • The distribution from %AR and other criteria of pollutants respectively
  • Pollutant distribution at other forecast hours

More advanced features such as pollution exposure health-risk review and cleaner air route suggestion will be upgraded in the coming years.


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Story posted on
23rd Dec, 2019


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