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Many residents have started to receive the HK$10,000 cash handout which is part of the government’s relief measure. How would you spend the money wisely?

Perhaps you can set aside a portion of your handout to make a positive impact on society and bring affordable health benefits for future generations.

Your generous support to our program “Let Our Children Breathe” would be a great encouragement to raise public awareness on air pollution and enhance youth empowerment.

The program aims to identify the level of air pollution exposure in the school areas and address its adverse health impact on children’s growth, by facilitating various engaging programs and air monitoring activities to strengthen the environmental health literacy on air pollution among the public.

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Workshop discussion _ Let Our Children Breathe

Knowledge Building

  • Workshops and inter-school air pollution conferences are part of the interactive program activities.
  • Students will gain a more excellent knowledge of air pollutants and have a better understanding of the risks related to our health and the environment.
  • Building up a platform for the young generation to share their vision on clean air.


Air sensor for Let Our Children Breathe

Air Data Management System development

  • We are developing a community-friendly air data management system that includes air sensors and an open-source data mapping platform.
  • This lightweight sensor can visualize the level of air pollution along walking routes and understand it correlates air pollution to the level of health risk.
  • HK$800 per sensor to support the development of the air sensor with access to upload data on the online map. We provide free rent of air sensor to students and the public who join the Let Our Children Breathe program


Pollution measurement - Let Our Children Breathe

Air Quality Measurement

  • Youth will get involved in the street air measurement by deploying nitrogen dioxide (NO2) diffusion tubes.
  • The tubes are used to collect air samples for a certain period of time and find out the roadside pollution level. The tubes are supplied and analysed by laboratories.

NO2 tool kit (Lab Test & Training material) for students:
HK$300 per tube — Collect roadside air data for 2 weeks
HK$2100 total of 7 tubes — For each school to collect 2 week’s roadside air data
* Including administration cost and delivery fee for sending tubes to the lab in the UK

We conducted two roadside NO2 measurements in Sham Shui Po & Central over the past year. The full measurement report can be downloaded on CAN website:

Central Roadside pollution NO2 measurement report (March 2020)

善用一萬,貢獻社會 HK$10,000 Cash handout SSP Report 2020March

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Story posted on
6th Jul, 2020


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