This year, Clean Air Network and Go.Asia started Healthy Food, Healthy Air, which organized numerous activities for the public in May and June. More than ten restaurants introduced exclusive menus, all of which included food made with local ingredients, promoting healthy local foods as well as clean air.

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Return Coffee House was one of the many participating restaurants, but while founder Day Ng openly endorsed the cause, he said profit and revenue had to be taken into consideration. Fortunately supporting the cause was put into higher priority after brief consideration. He said, ‘Of course, from a business perspective, there isn’t much profit, but we still feel that helping local farmers is a good cause.’ Ng also agrees with the reduction of food miles, which can not only support local farmers, but can also reduce transportation distances and help alleviate air pollution.

Day Ng is one of the founders of Barista Hong Kong, and is also a coffee expert, and even acts as a lecturer at SCAE, the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe.

He is an expert in coffee, and knows every kind of coffee bean there is. He also enjoys getting to know different cuisines, and treats his guests to coffee alongside dishes of food. Return Coffee House’s participation in this year’s Healthy Food, Healthy Air, is a golden opportunity to display his talents. Dishes include local mushrooms, fried eggs and melted cheese; an abundance of taste and flavor. ‘Many customers can tell the difference in their meals. Local mushrooms are much juicier.’

However Ng says that local ingredients and food miles are simply names and concepts that didn’t concern them. ‘The word local has a meaningful definition, and Hong Kongers are slowly familiarizing themselves with it and are becoming increasingly more aware of it. For example, local baking, people will only think of fried beans, and not its many benefits, such as the various flavors it can create, and its quality.’ He hopes that through his participation he will help promote the concept of food miles, and also wishes for the government will make advancements in education, and will give local farmers professional certifications.

If you’re interested in a bite of innovative cuisine, remember to go to Return Coffee House. The period ends in July. (2A Basement, Hung Tat Industrial Building, 43 Hung To Rd, Kwun Tong)


How To Reduce Food Miles:

  • Customers on their way to the restaurant should use public transportation, or should even go on foot or bike. This is not only good for individual health, but can also help with air quality.
  • Restaurants should reduce usage of private cars, and should use clean energy vehicles to transport ingredients, which will help reduce roadside pollution.
  • If you want to breathe in cleaner air, please sign the petition to the fight against roadside pollution.
Story posted on
31st May, 2017


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