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While Hong Kong’s overall air quality is might be considered acceptable by international standards it is apparent that local air quality may not be consistently good. It is now considered that any level of air pollution is not acceptable and poses a risk (World Health Organisation). There are often wide variations in local air quality going undetected that can have significant impacts on the health and wellbeing of local communities, so we think its important to investigate the quality of the air around the school and locations that the students gathered the most!

The Earth Day 2021 (22 April) air monitoring campaign is a citizen science project organized by Clean Air Network in collaboration with the Clean Air Students’ Council, a student group focussing on educating the message of air pollution to different schools and peer groups in Hong Kong. The campaign will assess traffic-related air pollution at different locations around the city, where students would spend their time the most like schools, residences, parks and different routes that they walk everyday . The campaign will measures nitrogen dioxide gas in the air, a principal pollutant associated with vehicle emissions by using a tool called an NO2 diffusion tube.

Earth Day 2021 Air Monitoring Campaign Installation01

Earth Day 2021 Air Monitoring Campaign Installation02

The campaign is also an educational project designed to raise awareness about air pollution and showcase the potential of citizen science to gather unique datasets and insights into our environment. There will be students from 3 schools participating in this campaign, collecting close to 70 nitrogen dioxide measurements. The campaign will also provide a collaborative platform for schools to share their research and insights.

The objectives of the campaign are to:

  • Raise awareness about air pollution through a practical investigation
  • Collect accurate data that can be used in students’ study projects
  • Share knowledge with school communities


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20th Apr, 2021


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