The first Clean Air Student Council meeting was conducted at the CAN office today by a group of enthusiastic Y11 and Y12 students of Island School. Clean Air Student Concil are groups formed in schools to voice their opinions on air quality of Hong Kong around their school and communities.


Evan, Island School student

“The pandemic showed us that there are more environmentally friendly ways of going about our daily lifestyles in order to improve the environment and the air around us.”
— Evan


Jaime, Island School student

“Some people might think that individual action is not enough, but I think it’s more about the attitude of the person. Through individual action, however small or big it could ignite bigger change and ignite the bigger movement that can make a more widespread impact.”


Ethan - Island School student

“The idea of community is very important when it comes to combating air pollution. Everyone must be able to come together, no matter your background, no matter how rich or poor you are, in order to fight this issue which would ultimately affect us all.”


Kimberly, Island School student

“I’m quite affected by air pollution in Hong Kong because I have quite serious allergies. Sometimes when I’m outside walking, I start sneezing a lot and my nose get really blocked and I can’t breathe. That kind of affects me because I start getting drowsy and it’ll affect the way I live the day. I am being so sensitive to that is going to affect me in the future because I might be more prone to respiratory symptoms.”
— Kimberly


Story posted on
7th Jul, 2020


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