CAN Volunteer Ricky

“It is imperative to clean our air – I have a better understanding of the problem of air quality in Hong Kong since working with Clean Air Network. Exposure to air pollution can affect everyone’s health and its direct impact should never be overlooked.”

Ricky, volunteer of Clean Air Network


Jason - Young Advocate of CAN

“Being a Young Advocate for CAN means a lot to me, giving me more chances to help bringing out an important message to the public— the air quality in Hong Kong is worsening and it brings tremendous harm to Hong Kong people. To fix this problem, we need progressive policies that can bring changes to our ever-worsening air pollution, so as campaigns to raise awareness from every sector in Hong Kong. Regardless of our difference in ideas, we breathe in the very same air that is way too polluted.”

Jason Ngan, University Student


Benson, city planner and CAN supporter

“Thank you CAN for an insightful and fruitful experience to be a part of the CAN neighborhood air quality, public engagement program in Tuen Mun – through partnering with the local secondary school. We worked together with the students to uncover air pollution issues and solutions at the street level. I was very impressed by the innovative ways of raising public awareness by interacting with locals, experimenting with air monitoring gadgets, and applying mapping software and planning theory to create new models of looking at local air pollution.  The diligence and determination of CAN team was contagious,  and everyone on the team contributed whole-heartedly to the activity. I look forward with anticipation to more programs to come!”

Benson Poon, Hong Kong Institute of Planners


Principal Tang, CAN supporter

“Clean Air is essential to Human Health. As an independent non-Government Organization, Clean Air Network has always been committed to tackling the problem of air pollution in Hong Kong. We are delighted to see the chances of collaboration between CAN, our teachers and students by taking part in a community-based air monitoring program. The program increases youngsters’ awareness of the harms of air pollution. It also develops a school-community network to find solutions to air pollution which has not been solved in Tune Mun for many years. We have received strong support from professional bodies throughout the program. Although the collaboration may not have an immediate effect in reducing the pollution, the experience has demonstrated the successful outcomes of the collaboration between school and community groups. The benefits could be more than our expectations. We look forward to our continued partnership with CAN in dealing with air pollution in neighbourhoods.”

Mr Jeremiah Tang,
Principal of the Church of Christ in China Tam Lee Lai Fun Memorial Secondary School


Vincent, CAN supporter and Young Advocate

“Being a young advocate in CAN has been a good experience for me to learn about air pollution and advocate for better air quality. Through the “Let Our Children Breathe” programme, the air quality of different areas in Sham Shui Po are compared and I really hope to improve children’s health by raising their awareness towards the issue. Air pollution may not be easily observed but the consequences brought may create great damages to our health. Therefore, as a young advocate,  I hope to motivate people to concern about air quality and their health.”

Vincent Yan, University Student


Story posted on
26th Jan, 2020


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