Carry on the past effort to open up the future goals!

Throughout the years, Clean Air Network (CAN in short) has grown into one of the most influential NGOs urging the Hong Kong government for air quality policy improvement by presenting active voices on media and public education. It has developed experience and skills on knowledge building, strategic collaboration, and advocacy of sustainable solutions.

Furthermore, CAN has established strong network with the social groups including experts & professionals in the field of public health, medical health, urban planning, transportation; as well as the community groups of patients, underprivileged and schools etc. joining hands to voice out this specific social issue.

By having successfully pushed for progress to review Air Quality Objectives and a number of landmark policy changes regarding roadside and marine emissions, improvement has been seen in the ambient and roadside air condition in Hong Kong.

As we are moving to the next phase, we hope to press on to our goals by expanding and strengthening our senior bench, which consists of two new directors and four new advisors. They are from diverse background and expertise of finance, technology and international community.


New Directors:

May Chun is currently the Managing Director, Digital Product Solutions at Prudential Corporation Asia (PCA). She has over 25 years of experience in the life insurance industry, working with multi-national companies in Asia, North America and Australia. She is passionate about using technology to improve health outcomes; and believes that digital revolution is presenting numerous unprecedented opportunities for innovation in the healthcare and related industries.

Richard Williamson has over 25 years experience in financial services operational and advisory roles. He commenced his career with some of Australia’s leading banks and insurers before moving to Asia (Shanghai) in 2002, and then HK in 2004. He has maintained a keen interest in environmental issues, and more recently, Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) sustainability factors.


New Advisors:

Feng Chang is the Managing Director at Bank of America. In her role, she leads the team under Global Markets Sales and Trading to manage counterparty credit risk and bank’s funding risk.  Voluntarily, she serves as Board Advisor to Women Empowerment Organizations such as Mission for Migrate Workers (MFMV) as well as Women Leaders Institute.

Joseph Poon is currently an independent, non-executive director of AAC Technologies Holdings Inc. and Hysan Development Company Limited. He is also a non-executive director of Tai Chong Cheang Group.

Po Tang is a board-level senior finance executive with over 30 years of experience and has worked in several large multi-billion international organizations. Having concerned with the damages that the alarming levels of Hong Kong air pollution does to our children’s health and to other vulnerable groups of the society, particularly the elderly, he feels that raising public awareness, behavioural changes and influencing government policies will help to drive improving the air quality of the city.

Sally Wright is a Partner at Select Investors with 25 years of experience in providing wealth management advice to clients with a wide range of international background. She is passionate about Sustainable Investing and has experience advising clients on ESG and Impact Investing.


Last but not least, we thank Ms. Lindy Lek for her tremendous contribution on capacity building and corporate relations for CAN in the past. We wish Lindy all the best upon retiring from the board.

With the global concern on environmental health and climate change issues accelerates, the new composition of the board will facilitate an in-depth discussion leading CAN on achieving our goals continuously.

Story posted on
6th Jan, 2020


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