Searching ‘Hong Kong’ on the website of BreatheLife campaign, the pointer of the PM2.5 monitor on the landing page bounces to a level indicating that the PM2.5 level in Hong Kong is not safe. So, why is BreatheLife concerned about Hong Kong? What is it indeed?

BreatheLife is a global campaign mobilizing communities to reduce the impact of air pollution on our health and climate, led by WHO, UN Environment, the Climate and Clean Air Coalition and the World Bank. The metropolises around the world such as London, Vancouver, Oslo, Washington and Singapore have joined to commit tackling air pollution.

On the other hand, the website provides a lot of information on different aspects including the impacts of poor air quality on health and environment, solutions for individuals to protect themselves from polluted air, educational videos, activities and actions in different cities, stories and news about air etc. The campaign connects the world to strengthen the power to stop the coming air pollution crisis.

However, Hong Kong, with the name of ‘unsafe PM2.5 level’ and also ‘first-class city’, is not yet on the list of the initiative. It’s time for Hong Kong to express determination on tackling air pollution to the world.



Searching ‘Hong Kong’ on, you can find the warning of PM2.5 concentration exceeding safe level.(Source:



The website provides many informative graphics, illustrating how poor air quality affects our health and environment.(Source:



Currently, there are 52 cities which have joined BreatheLife campaign. Hong Kong is still not on the list.(Source:


A series of promotion videos provide solutions about how to alleviate air pollution problem by individuals. For example, don’t drive during rush hour. (Source: YouTube Channel of UN Environment)

Find more information on BreatheLife Offical Website

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First WHO Global Conference on Air Pollution and Health

Photo Credit/ BreatheLife

Story posted on
10th Dec, 2018


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