Collaborated with Special Educational Needs & Parents Association, Clean Air Network held an educational workshop for students and parents from different districts on 20 August at The Church of Christ in China Tam Lee Lai Fun Memorial Secondary School in Tuen Mun.  Around 20 participated and were introduced with the causes and impacts of air pollution in Hong Kong.

健康空氣行動 X 特殊學習需要家長協會:教育工作坊 Photo 1

Participants first learned about the common air pollutants in Hong Kong and the inadequacies of current air monitoring system though a talk.  Following that, they were invited to share their living environment, school environment and commuting habits, and to review the impacts on their health condition during a group sharing.  A student mentioned that his home is near Kwun Tong industrial area, bus terminus as well as MTR station.  Almost all of his family members, including him, are suffering from nasal allergy. In fact, many studies have shown that children who are exposed to air pollutants in long-term have a greater chance in suffering from respiratory diseases in their adulthood.健康空氣行動 X 特殊學習需要家長協會:教育工作坊 Photo 6

To visualize the vague impression of air pollution, students then tested the concentration of fine particulate matters (PM 2.5) in air inside and outside the school.  It was discovered that the former exceeded the normal standard set by World Health Organization by three times, while the latter exceeded that by four to five times.  The results imply that students are under the threat of air pollution regardless indoor or outdoor.  Patrick Fung Kin-wai, CEO of Clean Air Network, explained that the school’s proximity to main road, which involves large goods vehicles and buses, would be the possible reason of its poor air.

Air quality is utterly important to children health.  Clean Air Network is dedicated to raise social awareness on air pollution through public education.  By including elements like talk, group sharing and field visit, this workshop gradually guided the participants to reflect on air pollution.  In the future, Clean Air Network will keep on collaborating with various sectors to strive for cleaner air. Any potential collaboration with schools, parents and teachers associations, etc. is welcome.健康空氣行動 X 特殊學習需要家長協會:教育工作坊 Photo 3

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3rd Sep, 2018


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