• There is no quick fix on this complicated problem. It takes everyone's effort to achieve this step by step.

    Patrick Fung

    Patrick has joined Clean Air Network since 2011. Along the journey, he was grateful to work with numerous like-minded who care about the environment, the city, and the future. At the same time, he witnessed the growing potential for interdisciplinary collaboration, which he believes, will become the driving force for social change. Patrick graduated from the School of Journalism and Communication of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is a vegetarian and a football fan.
  • Hong Kong deserves better air. Everyone has the ability to build a better future, a bluer sky.

    LOONG Tsz-wai

    Community Relations Manager
    As a member of the Environment Bureau’s Air Quality Objectives review working group, Loong is dedicated to pushing forward more effective measures to combat air pollution. Equipped with academic background in molecular biotechnology, Loong also specializes in political philosophy and non-profit management. He has curated projects and campaigns against air pollution, as well as those on city planning, social housing, public space and community development.
  • Air pollution is not merely about science and figures. It matters to our lives.

    Winnie Tse

    Campaign Officer
    An environmentalist, a keen walker and an eager cyclist, Winnie resonates with the civil society working for sustainable urban solutions towards a human-oriented and clean-air city. Studied in Journalism and Communications from Chinese University of Hong Kong and University of Southern California, Winnie previously worked in a public relations agency and a NGO working on heritage conservation from which she has further honed her media communications and journalist writing skills, as well as insights in heritage conservation and citizen participation in urban planning.
  • No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.
    Together we can make a difference.

    Elizabeth Wan

    Communication Officer
    Opening up meaningful dialogues with the public is essential in inspiring social change. With an advertising and design background, Elizabeth specialises in strategising and executing online and offline campaigns, mobilizing the public to join the Clean Air Movement. Empower public with knowledge is the first step in cultivating a civic-society.
  • Words and ideas and change the society. Let's fight for clean air.

    Andrew Chan

    Communication Officer
    Andrew is responsible for opening up meaningful dialogues with the public, updating the latest news and trends about air pollution. Through effective usage of various communication platforms, public is encouraged to participate in the Clean Air Movement. Other than that Andrew is also a keen footballer.
  • "The future depends on what we do in the present."- M. Gandhi

    Vicky Choi

    Corporate Development Manager
    Stop air pollution is urgently needed! Vicky facilitates bridging the gap between corporations and social needs with innovation, be part of CAN partner to make greater impact protecting our future our place.
  • It always seems impossible until it's done. - Nelson Mandela

    Ka-po Chung

    Project Officer
    With a background of being a journalist, Ka-po concerns issues related to environmental protection, social community and urban planning. She specializes in promoting the WALK DVRC project with the vision of creating a better, livable city together with the local community.