Press Release: Clean Air Network’s response to the Government’s new proposed measures for the retirement of pre-Euro IV diesel commercial vehicles

The Government previously announced that HK$10 billion had been earmarked for the early replacement and scrapping of pre-Euro IV diesel commercial vehicles and today released new developments for the …


2012 Sees Second Worst Roadside NO2 Pollution in Hong Kong’s History Government and Industry must take action

Press Release

(11th January 2013) Based on Clean Air Network’s (CAN’s) analysis of the Environmental Protection Department’s air quality monitoring data from 2012, it is clear that Hong Kong’s air …


Press Release: China’s first-ever Clean Air Drive showcases possibilities for combating roadside pollution in Hong Kong

(December 2, 2012) A dozen electric vehicles (EVs) and a hundred and fifty bikers participated in the Clean Air Drive today, a parade featuring zero-emission modes of transportation, hosted by Clean A …