What is the Clean Air Network?

Clean Air Network is an independent NGO which aims to encourage the public to speak out about the health impacts of air pollution.

The idea to create CAN followed a strong public response to Civic Exchange’s conference on air pollution “The Air we Breathe – a Public Health Dialogue” held in January 2009.

One of CAN’s first missions is to respond to the Government’s revision of Hong Kong’s outdated Air Quality Objectives this year.

CAN is a company limited by guarantee, with its own board, finances and staff. Civic Exchange, www.civic-exchange.org, is assisting the establishment process, but will not run CAN in the long-term.

What does CAN want the Hong Kong Government to do?

CAN wants the Government to improve Hong Kong’s air quality to the point where pollution no longer poses a significant threat to public health as it does today.

What approach will CAN take?

CAN aims to support the Government in all actions that will reduce the health impacts of air pollution. It does not expect to take a confrontational approach but CAN will be firm and intends to mobilize the community’s response.

Will we have to pay any membership fees?

Joining is free, but donations are welcome. CAN must raise its own funds.

How will we benefit from joining?

Through the CAN mailing list you will be kept informed of key activities such as public consultations and members’ actions plus receive expert commentaries on government papers and actions.

CAN has a terrific web portal hongkongcan.org filled with a wealth of information about the causes and health impacts of air pollution, plus links to FacebookYouTubeFlickr, Twitter, news feeds, blogs, videos, surveys, competitions and more formal educational materials. You are encouraged to post your own content.

By providing your logo and linking to the CAN website, your members will have access to and have a channel to contribute to the whole CAN community.

Is CAN affiliated to any politically-affiliated organization?

CAN is an independent NGO. It is not affiliated to any political party.